What are we doing

A humanitarian center located near socio-economically disadvantaged towns where residents scavenge from industrial garbage dumps in Paraguay.

What will be done in “La Casa del Niño”?

Today we will provide the best possible tools, so that in the future they can make the best life decisions for themselves, their families and their communities.

• We will help children to grow spiritually, educate them and show them love and understanding

• We will discover the gifts and special interests of each child. Support them in their development so that they have their own tool to help them get ahead in the present and in the future

• We will provide guidance and support to parents so that they can work calmly, knowing that their children are being cared for in a responsible and safe environment.


How are we doing it?



We already have the green light for permits from the authorities.



Ya conseguimos los terrenos para construir el edificio físico en donde pueda funcionar la Casa del Niño



Find sponsors who share our vision and have a genuine desire to contribute financially.



We need volunteers who share our vision, and have a genuine vocation for different areas, including: health, engineering, construction, etc. To see the complete list, click here.

Our vision

The Lord answered me and said:
Write the vision, and declare it on tables, so that he who reads in it may run.
Though the vision will take yet a while, but it hastens to the end, and will not lie; Although it will take time, wait for it, because it will certainly come, it will not take long.
Habakkuk 2:2-3

Frutos del Cielo is a Christian non-profit organization, whose main objective is to improve the present life of children in circumstances of socioeconomic disadvantage. Our mission is to give them the best possible tools today so they can make the best life decisions for themselves, their families and their communities in the future. Our goal is to create a positive and permanent impact on each of the children of Frutos del Cielo, through different support and training programs. Prioritizing honesty, personal development, and service to the community, we go above and beyond to instill these values in the minds of the youngest in our community.

The Lord impoverishes, and he enriches; Lower, and exalt.
He raises the poor from the dust, and exalts the needy from the dunghill, to make him sit with princes and inherit a place of honor. For the pillars of the earth belong to the Lord, and he established the world on them.

1 Samuel 2:7-8

At the Frutos del Cielo Children’s Home, we are committed to building a society in which all children can easily develop their potential and achieve their future goals. We believe that providing infants with a nurturing environment is essential for their overall development. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders, and through personalized support and guidance, we provide them with all the resources
they need to thrive as leaders for years to come. 

Be part of the change